Monday, December 26, 2005

Memories of Ledang Year 1966

This picture of Form 1 G was taken in 1966. As you can notice, all students came from Ledang English Primary School, so-called English-educated.
If you cannot remember us, refer to the names below.
See how we have grown from where we were.

Boys Standing from Left to Right:
Gan Ah Ling, Lee Kim Guan, KT Chua, Chandra, Vijayakumar(monitor), Pankracius, Teo Seng Huat, Tam Yam, Ong Ah Soon, Liew Chee Yen, Tan See Eng, Hwang Mee Chiang, Ng Ah Bah, Dhanaraja, Kong Hien Neigh
Girls Standing from Left to Right:
Goh Eng Bee, Nymona, Ng Lay Eng, Chee Mee Lan, Ong Siew Lan, Leelavathy, Lim Bee Huan, Sarojini, Chong Mei Chen, Hanita, Pang Chin Sing
Sitting from Left to Right:
Loh Wee Pang, See Yok Jin, Irene, Chia Yok Chan, Foo Yew Hian(Class Teacher), Rosemary, Habibah, Foo Lik Chin, Puah Mei Kwei


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