Wednesday, February 22, 2006

History of Tangkak

Tangkak is located north of the state of Johore and is the second largest town in the district of Muar.
Founded in the year 1901 at the foot of Mt. Ophir(1276m high) and was under the direct control of Muar district then. In the year 1946, the local council was established and was governed by the Assistant District Officer who in turn reported to the Muar District Office even up to today.
According to hearsay, the word Tangkak came from the word MERANGKAK. It was believed that Long Mahmud had led 7 brothers from the Riau Province to start the first settlement that is now known as Tangkak. These 7 brothers had sailed from Riau Province and sailing along the Kesang River finally arrived at Tangkak River. They saw the flat land and decided to stay put at the place. Unfortunately they had difficulties getting up the river bank as their legs got stuck at the slippery river mud. They had to use the roots of trees to help them to get on land. When other settlers asked them the name of the place, they will answer TANG MERANGKAK TU. Over a period of time, it was shortened to TANGKAK the name we all know today.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Form 1G Year End Trip to Ayer Panas 1966

'Click' on the photo if you want to see the zoomed view!
(This photo from Lim Bee Huan's collection)
Mr Foo Yew Hian and the girls of Form 1G plus curious on-lookers

Different shot at the same place including some boys as well.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


This was how it look when we were in Form 1.
I think there is the bicycle shed where this shot was taken.
At that time, it is fashionable to possess such a photo.

(This photo taken from Lim Bee Huan's collection)
This picture was taken in the class of Form 1G. I was seated
in front of Sarojini who was right behind. Loh Wee Pang and
Pang Ching Sing were at priority seats, right in front. Those days
you must get a bit of teacher's favour to get that front seats, right?

Another shot of the school. The headmaster's car parked
at the place below the murals. The flag poles were too
small to be seen but that's where the assembly was held
and we sang the "Negara-Ku". I think the teachers' bicycles
get priority parking behind the headmaster's office, so he
can see which teacher sneaks out during working hours.
You see, teachers are human too and they do 'chiak cua'.
'Chiak cua' means snaking out of official duties.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Memories of Ledang Year 1966

This picture of Form 1 G was taken in 1966. As you can notice, all students came from Ledang English Primary School, so-called English-educated.
If you cannot remember us, refer to the names below.
See how we have grown from where we were.

Boys Standing from Left to Right:
Gan Ah Ling, Lee Kim Guan, KT Chua, Chandra, Vijayakumar(monitor), Pankracius, Teo Seng Huat, Tam Yam, Ong Ah Soon, Liew Chee Yen, Tan See Eng, Hwang Mee Chiang, Ng Ah Bah, Dhanaraja, Kong Hien Neigh
Girls Standing from Left to Right:
Goh Eng Bee, Nymona, Ng Lay Eng, Chee Mee Lan, Ong Siew Lan, Leelavathy, Lim Bee Huan, Sarojini, Chong Mei Chen, Hanita, Pang Chin Sing
Sitting from Left to Right:
Loh Wee Pang, See Yok Jin, Irene, Chia Yok Chan, Foo Yew Hian(Class Teacher), Rosemary, Habibah, Foo Lik Chin, Puah Mei Kwei